About Us


     Juggernaut Nutrition was born in 2016 when our CEO Brock Allen saw a hole in the supplement industry that needed to be filled. As a former Division 1 Athlete, All-American, and NFL Lineman Brock’s competitive spirit carried on into Powerlifting after his time on the field came to an end. He began getting back in to the gym and started putting up huge numbers, hitting an almost 600lb bench. Brock’s motto is “Fuck Luck,” he has always carried that mentality with him and used it to motivate him in all aspects of life, and push himself to achieve such impressive lifts. While training and pushing himself he realized that many of the supplements on the market were filled with junk and pushing false label claims. Having had the opportunity to work with esteemed coaches, nutritionists, and be mentored by a scientist on the AdvoCare panel, Brock knew what was necessary to maximize performance and wasn’t finding it out there. Brock had an idea to do things differently, and discovered his passion for sports supplements when he began creating our first pre-workout.
     We use the motto Clean | Simple | Strong because that’s exactly what our products are. Over the years Brock has meticulously formulated every aspect of each of our products himself, ensuring that they contain everything you need for maximum benefits and performance and none of the extra BS that other companies hide behind. It is because of the tireless efforts of our CEO that we take such pride in our products, knowing that we are providing you the best products and flavors out there. We are always innovating and working to bring you the best out there, and we appreciate your support!